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Ibsen's Doll House

Ibsen's Doll House

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Mantel Scarves

coal bucket match strikerbr/img src=/ebaydav/images/bestsellertag.jpg alt=”bestseller tag” -- available!

Picture rails, rail hooks, cords, and chains

Another luxury for the set would be picture rail, as pictures were not nailed directly into the walls before the 1920s.

How To Hang Pictures in an Old House - Old-House Online

More on Victorian houseplants. Wardian case shown.

How To Decorate a Victorian House with Plants - Old-House Online

Victorian Houseplant. If this is a luxury we can add to our set, here are the most common plants, pots, and arrangements.

Victorian Style Houseplant Arrangement

English Drawing Room of the Victorian Period, 1840–70. As shown in 1" scale in the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and family around Christmas tree.

Christmas tree: Queen Victoria and family around Christmas tree

Fancy Work Basket Magazine

Brass temple bell. 4cm. from Golden Land. Wellington UK.

Victorian letter ordering human hair from a hair dealer- February 5, 1873. Paper size: 7.25"x9.75", folded several times. With the envelope.

JHRB- Recent Aquisitions for September, 2009

Victorian machine-made envelope with gummed flap. Posted September 1856.

Victorian Promissory Note 1838 Handwritten

Victorian Promissory Note with One Anna stamp

Morris & Co 'larkspur' 1872

Brass Bell

Ring the bell!

servants bells

Old Victorian Door bell still working - Hawthorn Plaster Repairs. "Very unusual to see one in working order..." so they talk over every single pull of the thing. Frustrating.

Victorian Match Holder

Oil lamp with mirrored wall bracket.

Not as easy to do neatly as it looks, but practice makes perfect.

Victorian Silhouettes, 1872 - 1887 by lady-of-crow on Deviant Art (additional years available after the jump).

Victorian Silhouettes-1872-87 by lady-of-crow on deviantART

Tarantella Napoletana on piano, with sheet music available.

In Ibsen's original draft, Nora sits down to play Anitra's Dance from Peer Gynt.

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