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DIY Christmas Gifts for Family

Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home! :) Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home. If you love arts and crafts you will enjoy our info!

Peacock Feather Wreath Tutorial

Peacock Feather Wreath

Coat wreath form with spray adhesive and attach feather boa (or boas) while glue is still tacky. Fill in with loose feathers until all parts of wreath form are covered with feathers. Then to fill in push quill end of peacock feathers into foam wreath

DIY Gift Wrap Station

Turn an old stool into a craft room organizer. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. Turn upside down. Tie canvas bags onto the outside legs and fill the inside with gift wrapping paper rolls.

This Stained Glass Mosaic Lamp looks stunningly gorgeous, but it's simple enough for a kid to make! Just look at the geometric and colorful reflection these crafts for kids give off!

Stained Glass Mosaic Lamp

The Stained Glass Lamp is beautiful in and of itself, but put a light or candle in it, and the reflection gives off stunning colors! Come visit the store today and create this stained glass lamp and much more with our stained glass supplies!

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Fall to Winter Rustic Decor with Pine Cones

This pinecone wreath will sparkle and pop with color after a few simple additions. To make, coat a store-bought pinecone wreath with gray spray paint. Spray with spray snow, then silver glitter, allowing drying time between coats. Arrange three cardinal f