Yard and Garden

Yard and Garden

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Starry night string light!

Summer Entertaining: 10 String Light DIYs


outside fireplace against wall

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  • Kerrlita Westrick
    Kerrlita Westrick

    This is my cousin's yard. It is beautiful!


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Laurel wreath

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Plant succulents in a shell!

Oh so succulent

  • Keana Clay
    Keana Clay

    Nancy Gutierrez Thought you might like this.

  • Nancy Gutierrez
    Nancy Gutierrez

    Aww.. I love it.! ♥

photo by nancy neil.

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Succulent Monogrammed Planter made to order by RootedInSucculents via etsy

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DIY Otomi Table

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Shredded paper, water, blender and a muffin tin. Seed starters dry & ready for some soil!

365 Days of DIY: Seed Starters out of Paper Pulp


hanging basket made from an old tire #DIY

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  • First Click Internet Marketing
    First Click Internet Marketing

    Very creative.

12 plants perfect for terrariums

Top Terrarium Plants

  • Michelle Couyette
    Michelle Couyette

    Totally LOVE this!!!

  • Patty Ianni
    Patty Ianni

    great idea

  • michael j. Glover
    michael j. Glover

    thanks,thought of doing this couple of years ago,now you reminded me,your the best

  • Jai Mcalpine
    Jai Mcalpine


  • Solarfold Bifolding Doors
    Solarfold Bifolding Doors

    they're awesome

How to make Kokedama (video)

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  • Kieri Ogden
    Kieri Ogden

    this is so awesome!!!!!!!!

Are you guys familiar with the awesome Japanese gardening technique known as kokedama? These hanging string gardens have been catching my eye all summer, and I knew I had to make my own! Source: DIY Garden: Hanging Kokedama Plant | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2012/08/diy-garden-hanging-kokedama-plant/#ixzz2NYAG3i60

DIY Garden: Hanging Kokedama Plant - Free People Blog

  • Connie Hickle
    Connie Hickle

    This will be a great project to share with my granddaughter next week.

  • Dil Caldeira Filho
    Dil Caldeira Filho

    Parabéns, adorei a idéia! =] Ficou ótimo mesmo, é simples e deixa o ambiente bastante agradável.

How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

How to Grow Garlic - Soap Deli News

  • Tia Dickson
    Tia Dickson

    This would be so economical for me!!

  • ArtsyGirl Fx
    ArtsyGirl Fx

    Love garden ideas, thank you.

DIY rain chains (the link does not give instructions)

Elderberry Street: Roger's Gardens Visit

  • Trish Ferguson
    Trish Ferguson

    liking it

  • Theresa Cullen
    Theresa Cullen

    @Sarah Miller

  • Mohamed Marsook
    Mohamed Marsook

    some of them gem stone.it's gets large price

  • Trish Ferguson
    Trish Ferguson

    very different,and original.

  • Trish Ferguson
    Trish Ferguson

    lots of work,for original art,very impressive.

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Window Box Lavender Planter

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Herb Gardens without the Garden! Sweet Paul Summer 2012

Non-Existent Domain

  • Lynn Jax
    Lynn Jax

    love the Sweet Paul mag!

  • Alice Curtusan
    Alice Curtusan

    how do they stay on ?

Dinosaur Planters for sale on Etsy!

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  • Donnell Mcclarnon
    Donnell Mcclarnon

    that is cute

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    that is super kewl

  • Kay Mcelderry
    Kay Mcelderry

    these are adorable

  • Dream Boy
    Dream Boy


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putting a broken terracotta pot to good use

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  • Ellen Meachum
    Ellen Meachum


  • Fabiana Cerquetelli
    Fabiana Cerquetelli


  • Korena Schefke
    Korena Schefke

    How cool thanks Karyn !!!!

  • karyn nico
    karyn nico

    You're welcome ; )

  • studiobabiloo

    Thats so cool!

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Wine bottle planters. Wasn't able to find any instructions, but I like the look!


  • nhu hiep nguyen
    nhu hiep nguyen

    @Mooneend: :)

  • Chelsea

    Be careful with this DIY project... a friend of mine tried out the bottle look in her garden and it just looks like some crazy lady put wine bottles in her garden. It's hard to make them look classy.

  • Collusion

    Haha @ Chelsea

  • Cheri Smith
    Cheri Smith

    I love tis! And I think I'm one crazy lady that would do this. lol

  • Viv


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Homemade watering can. So simple!

A helpful yet simple DIY for spring gardeners!

  • Anjana Chillumuntala
    Anjana Chillumuntala

    i am making this

  • Motoclasico

    Love it! gardening for dummies!

  • Diane Haton
    Diane Haton

    So simple!

  • Rajendra Saraviya
    Rajendra Saraviya

    I will try this!

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Planter umbrella stand. An idea for our patio umbrella that no longer has a table.

Planter umbrella stand

  • Janet Webber
    Janet Webber

    Love this, just what I need on my deck!!

  • Ann Intrieri D'Andrea
    Ann Intrieri D'Andrea

    great idea, going to try it

  • Louise Howard
    Louise Howard

    I want those chairs. Super great looking

  • Cheryl Walters
    Cheryl Walters

    Great idea!

  • Josephine Myers-Steele
    Josephine Myers-Steele

    looks so nice.

Growing Rosemary

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  • Frances Purifoy
    Frances Purifoy

    And it has a really pleasant scent.

  • El Dot Designs
    El Dot Designs

    In my experience, it grows well near the entrance of your home.

  • Marla Benabdallah
    Marla Benabdallah

    My mother in law has a hedge of it in front of her home in Morocco, Cant seem to grow it here

  • Britney Snow
    Britney Snow

    Thanks for you all's wonderful feedback. I will try what you said and see if I can make it this time. :)

  • Caroline Andrews
    Caroline Andrews

    You're welcome! Herbs are very easy to grow, especially in pots. I grow most of them year round in my warm climate.

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chevron wood planter DIY project

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  • Drew Measel
    Drew Measel

    Another cool project that I'm going to try.

  • Valerie Crider
    Valerie Crider

    going to make a couple

How to Grow Strawberries: quick facts and care essentials

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  • Manupriya Singh
    Manupriya Singh

    These look so adorable!

  • iyang

    like it

  • Debra Simpson
    Debra Simpson

    Our strawberries are blooming right now. I love them.

  • Christo Sauls
    Christo Sauls

    ours too :)