Vintage Car Ads

A collection of the finest Vintage Car Advertisements from Kelley Blue Book's headquarters and around the web.
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Vintage 1969 Barracuda with Pop Prints

The 1969 Flower Power model Barracuda - I never thought this was a very bright idea! It was garish when they came out even!

Triumph TR7 Drophead

ABC Promises 'Tough Questions' for Obama in 'Television Event'

Buick Fashion Parade ad

Buick - New and Used Buick Models and Pricing - Kelley Blue Book

Volkswagen Beetle Bug Limousine Chauffer Photo (1971)

Volkswagen Beetle Bug Limousine Chauffer Photo yeah, I'm going yo prom in this heavenly item.

Austin 850 advertisement from the 60's

Asymmetric Balance - gives the feeling that something fun and good is coming 1961 Austin 850 advert. Excellent use of negative space and asymmetrical linear design.