It's so true.....

Something we can all relate to…

Funny pictures about Maybe I'll make two sandwiches. Oh, and cool pics about Maybe I'll make two sandwiches. Also, Maybe I'll make two sandwiches.


And she is still waiting…

Dumb Girl Shopping Waits In Line Behind Mannequins: This is hilarious. The girl was waiting in line behind mannequins for five minutes before she finally realiz

Before calling me, ask yourself "Is this textable?"

Before calling me, ask yourself "Is this textable? I hate talking on the phone! Unless it's like my mom or grandparent's lol

i do yoga to relieve stress

I Do Yoga

I do yoga to relieve stress. Just kidding, I drink wine in yoga pants. Order yours today at Boardman Printing.

This shouldn't be funny but it is.

Slice That Bitch! I don't know why I found this so funny but I can't stop laughing. I'm going to say this when we cut the cake at the reception.

Write it down

I've learned two important lessons in life; I can't recall the first one, but the second one is that I need to start writing stuff down - in my bujo (bullet journal)

SO me!


XD captain america the winter soldier funny Bucky Barnes smokey eye makeup close enough

So... this is going to be me in two weeks flying around the globe. Don't judge!

Not today Ebola! Hahahahaha I'm dying bc this is how i feel on a plane all the time, not about Ebola but about germs

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This picture shows the dogs sleeping. The pons plays a part in sleep and dreaming.