How To Wash & Cut Burlap

Washing and Cutting Burlap

HOW TO :: Wash and Cut Burlap Tutorial! Get rid of the smell, soften the burlap, and even out the edges so it doesn't fray! SO easy and worth the extra little effort.

Easy DIY tutorial that makes a perfect bow every time. NO SEWING!

How To Make A Perfect Bow

DIY~How to make a Perfect Bow every time with NO SEWING! Many wreaths call for a bow, but making a bow is not part of the wreath making tutorial.

How to Print on Burlap

how to print on burlap with an inkjet printer this is a game changer, crafts, home decor, Print as you normally would on paper. this is a game changer

Easter Craft Idea: Burlap Easter Bunnies

Easter Craft Idea: Easy Burlap Bunnies from

Easy No Sew Burlap Runner | Tied on the end with a lovely burlap bow | On Sutton Place

Easy No Sew Burlap Table Runner

74 DIY Burlap Projects

74 DIY Burlap Projects - with wreath idea. Might be good starting point for next Christmas?

Burlap Pillow Tutorial

How to Make a Burlap Pillow

Tutorial of diy hand painted crosses burlap pillow - burlap pillow crafts

No Sew Burlap Flag Pillow - Easy DIY 4th of July Decoration to Make! #bestofbloggers

Because everyone has a burlap pillow case. No Sew Burlap Flag Pillow - Easy DIY of July Decoration to Make!

Burlap Tree and Wreath Tutorial

12 Days of Christmas, Day 2 // Burlap Tree and Wreath Tutorial

Burlap Tree and Wreath Tutorial

12 Days of Christmas, Day 2 // Burlap Tree and Wreath Tutorial

Burlap: Washing, Drying, Cutting | A Tutorial-- so many uses for burlap around your home, especially in the fall! -- via On Sutton Place #burlap #DIY

How to Wash, Dry and Cut Burlap

Have some burlap that needs washing, drying or cutting? We’ve got instructions on how to do so properly, thanks to On Sutton Place. Make your burlap projects easier with simple ways to prepare this unique material.


10 Great Burlap & Jute Projects

We’ve compiled this list with the hope that it will inspire your future burlap crafting. These projects utilize a variety of our burlap and jute products, including burlap fabric, burlap bags, jute webbing, and jute twine. Burlap and jute.