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Mood board & Inspiration for a dreamcatcher brand made in Melbourne AUS"She's a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought, her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures..."-Unkown



Hannah- coated jeans or faux leather leggings please!! Size 29 or 30 depending on the cut! For a more polished look, opt for a coated legging with a leather-like look. Pair them with rich fall hues and an unexpected print like a fun leopard print shoe.

Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes: Bundled Up

Is she love? Is this boring? She's not this really? ... Who know me know and who don't fuck 'em .. they don't matter anyway. Leave me wild and I will just leave you and let you miss me because you don't need soon you regret not knowing me OR knowing me.

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from Melissa McKinnon: Artist

New Painting Commission “First Impression” 16″×40″ Colourful Autumn Inspired Aspen and Birch Tree Painting by Alberta Landscape Painter Melissa McKinnon

“First Impression” 16″×40″ Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist Melissa McKinnon features BIG COLOURFUL PAINTINGS of Aspen & Birch Trees, Rocky Mountains and stunning views of the Canadian prairies, big skies and ocean beaches. Be the first to hear about NEW PAINTINGS, works in progress and news from my studio, Sign Up For My Monthly EMAIL NEWSLETTER! Website & Blog:

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from Passionate Penny Pincher

$6 Decorating At The Dollar Tree

I love popcorn....I could do this with those candle sticks that have a liner between the candle & the outside...or use that round centerpiece bowl....upside down with the inner circle filled with acorns etc. Also use with flowers in place of candle.

$6 Decorating At The Dollar Tree - Passionate Penny Pincher

I'm so thankful for everything big and small. I'm blessed to have the beautiful big family I do and our amazing traditions. All the support I have. The roof over my head, food on my plate, heat, air conditioning and water. My amazing boyfriend and baby gi

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