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Spend Your Life Doing Strange Things With Weird People Print

Spend your life doing strange things with strange people. Each print is professionally printed on a 68 lb. acid-free white cardstock with archival inks. Click here to purchase the gold frame.

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"Tell Me what you want." "I want You to bend me over and fuck me like the filthy slut I am." "Do you?" "Yes, Sir." "Then put that pretty mouth of yours to use and beg." Chicago. Female. Bisexual. Submissive. Single. Just trying to find a job and...

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stop all your nonsense and get out of my life. although I thank and hate u. but seriously. back with u as friend? no never. share those ur inner joke with ppl who u think it's ur circle try to mind f and brain wash me againn. next life. and. ya. since I took u for granted. go f ahead to get friend or someone who treat u like gem. what u did. I said. time is my new best friend. karma is my future going to be friend.

One of my closest friends always talks about the current season of her life in terms of how different it is from other seasons past. Our conversations have been very poignant as I’ve begun to reflect on my own seasons of life. During these reflections, I realized how many friendships have been made, how many friendships have lasted, and how many have …

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