How to Use Traditional and Water Soluble Colored Pencils 8 Must Read Articles

8 articles you must read if you want to use traditional water soluble colored pencil with traditional colored pencil.

Choose colors fast with beautiful blends. This color wheel system will help you pick colors for your next coloring page. I have also included lots of great tips to help you learn more about color theory. Also get beautifully balanced color trios for Prismacolor Premier and Faber-Castell Polychromos. So much value here to bring your coloring to the next level.

As a complement to my Premium Color Scheme Selector I created 6 new worksheets to help you learn to build harmonious color trios for your coloring pages, books and projects. These worksheets will hel

The Asian calligraphy's brush must be held vertically, inclining neither sideways nor toward one self. To achieve best ergonomics, keep the inside of palm round as if holding a small egg. Keep fingers firm, using fingertips instead of knuckles to hold the brush. Keep the wrist supple, firm, and soft. Level wrist to a more natural and horizontal angle, avoiding strained angles. The technique is called round stroke or upright stroke.

writing chinese calligraphy - brush holding is very important as is with the art of acupuncture

In this watercolor tutorial blog post I demonstrate how creating textures in watercolor will improve your paintings, Guaranteed!

Creating Textures in Watercolor - Guaranteed to Improve Your Paintings

Creating Textures in Watercolor ? Guaranteed to Improve Your Paintings! Creating textures in watercolor paintings is easy with a few simple techniques.

Creating 3-D Form with Value--tips on the effects of different painting techniques of watercolors

*** (good comparison of wet on wet wet on dry and wet and dry techniques) Creating three-dimensional form by understanding placement of values of light & darks.

Techniques and tips for painting fine lines to increase the clarity and resolution of loose suggestive watercolor and mixed media paintings.

Professional Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist. Information on art materials, design, workshops and exhibitions.