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Ha ha

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Haha. Too funny.

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So true!!!

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I only come into work to earn more time off.

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I would like to dedicate this pin to John Massey, Sam, Ethan, Lucas, Jonah, And many others. May you always stay hilarious (although hopefully some of you will get some common sense...)

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Touché. Lol

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Yes! This is awesome. funny hilarious

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I can't stop laughing!!!!!

Knock Knock. Who's there? GIGGLES 14!!

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Story of my life

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I have selective OCD! Kitchen has to be clean, counters cleared, nothing on it but my craft area should probably be condemned! It's piled 3 feet high! :D

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Younique by Shannon Mann

Omg I'm dying!! Not that I would admit using such language (since my Grandma sees my pins), but this is funny stuff!!!

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morning sickness ecard

Late Nights & Lollipops

Beautiful Disaster

How true this is!!!!

Olympic event

...I remember those days.

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Simma Down Na | Cheri Oteri | Saturday Night Live | SNL Hawg Lounge

15 Funny E-Cards About Pregnancy

15 Funny E-Cards About Pregnancy - Clicky Pix


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It's true.

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