Batgirl vs. The Joker - Jesus Antonio Conde Galarraga

Truthful Comics Podcast "The Infamous Batgirl/Joker Cover Discussion"…

DC Direct Joker And Batgirl

The set includes a Batarang, a long climbing string "Batrope" with suction cup and a cane accessory for The Joker.

Joker escapes with Batgirl com by ~mhunt on deviantART

Thanks for looking and thank you in advance if you fave this image. A commission for bobKO: [link] The joker escapes with Batgirl. Joker escapes with Batgirl com

Batgirl and Joker by *Fourpanelhero on deviantART

A commission for who wanted some Batman-themed desktop wallpaper. Batgirl and Joker

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