Pit Bull Myths: "It's How They're Raised." - The Lazy Pit Bull

Pit Bull Myths: "It's How They're Raised."

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As threatening as he is trying to be to protect. I can't help but want to hug and kiss him.

This lack of respect for the dead has backfired upon these people & reminds so many of Westboro Baptist Church. This heartless act is like displaying AK-47 guns at a Sandy Hook memorial! #pitbull #pit #bull #bite #dog #attack #BSL #funeral

Pit bull owners and animal control officer use their dogs to intimidate people coming to view an art memorial made for dog attack victims in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nanny dog...The family of Lexi Branson (pictured, above, with the dog which attacked her) have said the four-year-old will never be forgotten

A dog that mauled a girl of four to death was a stray picked up by the council in a park, it has emerged. The family of Lexi Branson claims.

A “pleasant” family pit bull being hauled off by Animal Control after killing 7-month-old Jonathon Quarles, Jr. It had previously attacked Isabelle Crickmore as she walked her dog, a Beagle named Reba. The hearing on the dog attack had been scheduled, but the pit, allowed to stay in the owner’s home, killed the child first. It had also attacked a mailman in April. (July 2014, OH) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2699703/Dog-attacks-kills-7-month-old-baby-Ohio.html

Baby killed Attack: The dog, pictured, is believed to be an American Staffordshire Terrier, which resembles a pit bull

3-year-old girl mauled by dog she's been around since she was born

Sudden, random unprovoked and violent. The Associated Press: Five Years of Pitbulls