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Waukee, Iowa  ·  I love to cook while wearing my sari-patchwork robe, and obsessively roll my shirt hems and hoodie strings when distracted. Oh, and I write too.
Kelly Roberts
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Letter to Santa - Kelly Roberts Writing

Santa won't quite know what to do with this letter.

All the November I Did Not See - Kelly Roberts Writing

That thing that streaked by faster than my dog running toward the sound of a banana being peeled? Yeah, that was November.

Non-Advice For My Daughter - Kelly Roberts Writing

Advice is the gift most people love to give. Except it never comes with a receipt. I'm going to give something different.

The COMIC BOOX BOX...Coming to the Rescue of Comics Everywhere! - Kelly Roberts Writing

We're announcing the upcoming birth of our baby: the COMIC BOOX BOX. Take a peek.

Thirteen Tidbits I Learned About TYOGs (thirteen-year-old girls) - Kelly Roberts Writing

Enough of the heavy stuff of last week's post. What could be lighter than gaggle of thirteen-year-old girls (TYOGs) at a birthday party?