The ancient sign of a protective hand, late 1800's.

The All-Powerful Hand, The ancient symbol of a protective hand is common to Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The five small figures atop the fingers are: Baby Jesus on the thumb; Joseph on the index finger; the Virgin Mary on the middle finger;

Czech puppets

Puppetry, Design: Radio Prague - History of Czech puppet theatre recalled, Stereolab explain Czech influence on new track


The woman's land army of America. Women enlist now and help the farmer fight the food famine Creator/Contributor: Paus, Herbert Andrew, (artist), 1918

"The Robin Book" by H. Boylston Dummer (1925)~14 typed pages w/hand painted illustrations throughout

"The Robin Book" by H. Robin Book - Boylston Dummer - 14 typed pages with hand painted illustrations throughout.

Taxidermy lion made for King Frederick i of Sweden in 1731, by a taxidermist who had never seen a lion before

The stuffed lion of Gripsholm’s Castle In 1731 King Frederick the I of Sweden commissioned a taxidermy of a lion, unfortunately living in a cold place a very long time ago the taxidermist had never set eyes on one.

Textile Bumble Bee By Mister Finch

A big old bumbledy bee from the fantastic Mr Finch. Textile Bumble Bee By Mister Finch

abandoned- i could make this into the coziest house ever.

Abandoned shotgun house in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are very common in New Orleans. But even more common by a large margin are the shotguns with two windows and front door and double versions of it.

Georges Liautaud, featured in the Outsider Art Sourcebook.

The eerie metal sculptures of Haitian self-taught artist Georges Liautaud.

Old Books & Things..

Hand made Postcard; the image made from a collage of cut used postage stamps - from the text on the reverse made by an invalid who did this for a living no date but the card has an undivided back reserved for the address only