I spent my Sunday afternoon with my five year old at my local Home Depot. My husband sent me with a mission to begin scouting out some paint colors for a remodel we’re working on. Picking paint colors is one of my favorite things.

The mixture of soft colours would suit activewear. Even though they are not vibrant colours, still would be eye catching and would look good with two piece sportswear outfits. Also, these colours would match a majority of casual wear.

my goal is to find the grey that go's with any accsent color so when i change my mind i can change little things and not have to repaint the room everytime... i have done that to many times already!

Flora Hues

Beached tones design seeds spring color palette or beach color palette (Harmonious) - Master bath

"Rocked" hues. I definitely love this for my next bedroom. The soft purples are romantic, but the silver and slate colors might help tone down the overt femininity.. Lots of lush fabrics like velvet and raw silk

Flora Hues

The feel, tones & hues! Lots of white. The fresh flowers would be the main source of color with some vintage china, crystal & silver pieces thrown in as well.

Before designing your dream pool check out these awe inspiring designs from the farthest reaching corners of the earth. Prepare to be blown away.

Flora Hues

Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living.

Like Raspberry Lemonade, the colors I want to see when I open up my laundry room doors...will no doubt make me happy to be there. Add in a drop of turquoise and I am in heaven.