what beautiful colors

Strikingly Attractive Bird Photography

Photo Grouping ideas!

Nothing says home and love like a photo wall. Check out these 50 amazing photo gallery wall ideas and learn the best way to photos for your wall gallery.

wisteria clusters ~ wonderful
 i LOVE Wisteria

Purple lilacs straight from the garden - so pretty! My lilacs are finally in full bloom here in Montana!

Photography Tips For Seriously Better Pictures [Infographic]

100 Photography Tips For Seriously Better Pictures [Infographic]

Photography - Photo tips - Welcome to ExpertPhotography’s top 100 photography tips, picked from the best tutorials of and brought together in one place, for your ease.

i laugh everytime i look at this, reminds me of Max!

Underwaterdog lV Photographer Seth Casteel have taken pictures of dogs chasing after a ball into a pool. Alot og great and funny pictures:D

Best Canon lenses (use for reference)

best canon lenses for certain types of photography - based on this, perhaps this one would work wonders for starting: Canon EF L USM Lens


French Kiss with Girl at Motorbike Picture Picture from most beautiful in the world.


The dahlia 'Edison,' indigo table cloth, and a dark blue wall. Photographed by Philip Ficks.