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Breastfeeding your child to sleep and for comfort is not a bad thing to do– in fact, it’s normal, healthy, and developmentally appropriate.


Information on reverse pressure softening to help with latch in the presence of swelling and engorgement. Great tool for training #breastfeeding support professionals and nurses.


Infant Stomach Capacity: Why Anything You can Pump is Great! - "A day old full term baby only has a 5-7 ml stomach capacity, or the size of a marble. The amount of colostrum that comes out from the mother’s breast is enough to satisfy the baby. The stomach becomes the size of a shooter marble by day 3. After a week, the stomach capacity reaches 2 oz, or the size of a ping pong ball."


Babies should be fed when they indicate hunger. Crying is a late indicator of hunger - breastfeeding is much easier for both mom and baby if mom is able to pick up on baby's earlier hunger cues.