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    21 Jello Shot Recipes, may need these recipes in a few months :) lol

    Bachelorette Party mug shots - shall we carry a dry erase/chalk board to write down the dares for pictures?

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    Yep thats what Im doing. Maturity is hard to come by when dealing with ex's

    Sorry in advance for the language!!! But ladies if you have any self respect you will make him work for the goods! And keeping you private and hidden is not working for the goods! Men only do what you allow them to do! And I'll be damned if someone is going to hide me and expect the goods! Good luck to him!

    Unfortunately not. You can take the girl outta the trailer park, but she was still raised to be white trash.

    relationship quotes.If they cheat...lie.....cause you to break a window......second guess your worth....I say walk away....and no matter what don't look're not going that way anymore...the man God has for you is coming!.

    Love this! my eddie says something like this to me all the time- wish we could have gotten together sooner so we could have had more time together, and i tell him way back i was the faithful wife and likely would not have cheated on ----- if i had we would have been the scandal of the neighborhood

    As you move will compare everyone to him. No one will ever measure up. And he compares no one to you. You are just forgotten.

    Isaiah 66:9 - hope for the future of our sanctification in times of trial or pain, The Lord is good to finish the work he started in you

    I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned, and broken. But somehow still works.