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The rat when they come back maybe if it's a little sensitive stepping back to 10 if if we need to kick in in a little bit more and and they've got some ..
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In seeing the comparison of what it's doing with the quality that were getting with opalescent's and I'll be interested.

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Some suggestions and how to do this and comparing a new system from some other companies.

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In our practice and and some testing so I I am comparing with some trays and I Dr. Matteson as give me.


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Fast Teeth Whitening

In office whitening at all do we do only what we're doing different aspects of whitening.

Fast Teeth Whitening

Talk about how you using any other types of whitening products in your practice decides to take on custom trays a dimming.


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To the some other things that we talk about whitening it just depends on what you want to specifically.


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Is with it all the all that I've shared with you just so far as you get too many patients to fast this is just just as a an interlude.


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Care of them is we are of you and so we welcome any referrals that you would send over and they do and the problem.


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And I tell them know anyone that you send over I will roll out the red carpet for and we will take as good.


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Staining I can go up to 20 and so they know that I'm customizing it for their progress in the whitening experience.


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