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Maine / I blog for TUAW and IntoMobile. I'm also a wife, mom and homeschooler.
Kelly Hodgkins
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The Original iPhone. Six years ago.

The first iPhone adored through a glass display. Do you still remember the moment when it was announced?

Nice image of iOS home screens over the years.

Learn iOS 7 App for specially make the course for beginners. Here you will get the idea how to code in objective-c as well as develop variety of apps for the new created iOS 7 by Pablo Farias Navarro.

Some great Google Glass mockups that mix tech with historical figures.  Via The Verge: (

Mark Twain - Samuel Langhorne Clemens - scriitor, actor s-a născut la cunoscut(ă) pentru The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Biografie Mark Twain: Scriitorul american Mark Twain se numea in realitate Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

6 weeks of work, 6,500 egg cartons, 1.5 gallons of glue, 5,000 nails, 2.5 gallons of paint, and 10,000 staples went into this WW2 plane replica.

Eggs for Soldiers is an ongoing fundraiser that gives a percentage of their free-range eggs sales directly to Help for Heroes, an organization providing di

Frankenstein iPhone with serial, ethernet ports and 5x7 screen via Ars Technica

A newly revealed iPhone prototype from early 2005 shows a device very different from the final shipping product, with a display nearly 2 inches thick frame much closer to the size of an iPad.

Some great pictures here. Kuo Design | Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers

Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers

Poor Abandoned Macs via  Macworld:

What happens when people leave Apple hardware to rot.

Shared with me by a friend. Chickens in sweaters.

Some of these chickens received sweaters as part of a British project to rehabilitate abused battery hens. Others have owners who want warm, stylish pets. Regardless, you really can& go wrong with a sweater. More power to you, chickens.

iPad 3 concept with holographic 3D display

Awesome new iPad 3 concept. The new iPad 3 video contains advanced CG iPad 3 features on a new iPad design. A huge step up from iPad 1 features or iPad 2 features.

The iPad 3 Invite. Detailed Analysis.

iPad 3 Invite: A Thoughtful Analysis