Wonder Women..Quelina

Beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way, and having my own mind. Celebrate BEAUTY in all women/girlies!

Wonder Women..Quelina

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Broken Trinity by *Rikaflare on deviantART - cause we have always had to do al and in heels

Broken Trinity by SparkOut1911 on deviantART


Superman and Wonder woman by ~EricHenrique

Superman and Wonder woman by EricHenrique on deviantART


Whew....now that's the truth!

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  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott

    What are you trying to tell us Kelly? Your a closet freak and when the right guy comes along you let the freak out? lol I'm just playing. And I don't know how to get rid of that accidental half post :/

how I remember my dreams

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You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand - but does it float

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Cannot stop reading advanced style blog. Cannot wait to be a fashionable old lady that DOES NOT GIVE A CRAP WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT HOW I DRESS. #oldladyambition

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dhesiayiscute: My secret is confidence and not giving a phuk what a hater gotta say

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Where children sleep all over the world, a shocking revelation of the lives children lead in other countries. A real eye opener; the only USA childrens environment shown was very biased, makes us look like Gun toting children warriors.

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Save the Bees! , I send bee prayers, for abundance in food, for pesticide free plants, for pure water and for kind humans who will not call the pest contoller when a swarm accidentally mistakes a grill or part of a wall for a good place to build a nest.

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An updated version of Wednesday from the Adam's family. ❥|Mz. Manerz: Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence, happiness & politeness

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TITELLE wedding dress La Dompteuse 2012 / purple by TitelleCouture

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Stephanie Jager Photography: Alice in Wonderland stephaniejager.bl...

Alice in Wonderland


The Office my favorite show of all time good times happy times bring a smile out of the mundane!

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Image detail for -White Lion Skull Tattoos For Girls Tattoo Fashion Tattoo Designs

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#redhead #rockabilly #pinup #hair Would love to attempt this! the color is amazing too!

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take a picture with your flower girl wearing your wedding shoes and give to her on her engagement/wedding day

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Wonder Woman

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Amazing- check out those amazing hair highlights

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Beach Glass Window by Sherry Yost on ARTwanted--stained glass

Beach Glass Window by Sherry Yost | ArtWanted.com


The last kiss, a picture from World War II…

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Summer Time

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mother daughter curlers photo for bathroom next to daddy & son

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Papier Couture by Lia Griffith for Xerox.

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