trench coat

Westerly Trench Coat - I am normally not a fan of dogs in clothes, but the Westerly Trench Coat has to be one of the coolest/cutest things I have ever seen. This trench c.

happy easter

Bunny whispers, cuddles, and kisses. So cute! Baby rabbits sharing a secret.[I can also see me and my friend isabelle just like this if we were bunnies]


siberian huskies,black and white blue eyes husky puppy,arctic northern breed husky sled dogs.

bengal kitten

The Bengal Cat: Spotted By Science: Pet secrets for humans


You mad at me and you made me sad. I love this face. It is too CUTE!

minds me of how big Shamus was r.i.p <3

GermanShepherdFluffbeachmummFluffy the German Shepherd at 11 years old; he loves the beach, sailing, golfing, Scotland, oat cakes and driving in his car. Fluffy has been ADORED by us from the moment he was born.

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