kelly karina

kelly karina

São Paulo / Eu tenho tido a alegria como dom, Em cada canto eu vejo o lado bom.
kelly karina
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Caminho Sagrado Feminino: Praticas e Programas da Sabedoria Sagrada Feminina

"Chakras are the hidden doors of the body. When you open them, you reach another dimension." ~Tulku Lobsang ("la paloma", visioany art by Holly Sierra)

Pauta - Portal Melhores Amigos :: Maio 2016 I CÃES NA PRAIA: ELES SÃO PERMITIDOS NO BRASIL?

Car rides are tough on dogs. They take them out of their routine, etc. causing a lot of people to ask. can you give a dog benadryl on car rides.

Mexican Corn Husk Dolls | Mexican Corn Husk Dolls

Corn plays an essential role in Mexican culture. Every element of corn is used from the silks for medicine to the fungus on the kernels (huitlacoche). This is an example of one of the most dramatic uses for corn is in Mexican crafts.

Fabulous Corn Husk Cornhusk Doll with Jump Rope 1990 | eBay

Fabulous Corn Husk Cornhusk Doll with Jump Rope 1990 EUC in Dolls & Bears, Dolls, By Material, Other Dolls by Material