alisaburke: cardboard city I LOVE THIS!

alisaburke: painted cardboard city - building blocks for larger city or decoration ideas for buildings on a smaller scale

God's Little Explorers Free Preschool Curriculum

FREE Christian preschool curriculum - God's Little Explorers! A hands-on, memory-making at-home preschool adventure for ages

Why Themes

Why Theme Based Learning for Young Children? Can Thomas, Lightning, or Mater help Bubba enjoy learning?

make your own memory game

oh, sweet joy!: ((handmade monday)) DIY memory game tutorial from "just dawnelle"

letter recognition assessments

Use these assessments to determine which letters your child is struggling to recognize. Capital and lowercase assessments available.

Cute thing to do with kids scribble

Turn toddler scribbles into a masterpiece on canvas! Love this idea to do with the art work I get from the kids at work

craft sticks and velcro, these can be arranged to make shapes and letters (great busy bag idea!)

Easy and fun.Velcro + popsicle sticks make for great quiet time or restaurant activity. Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again. I found velcro dots at my local dollar store.

Repurposed dishrack for a coloring book/workbook organizer.

Repurposed dishrack for a coloring book organizer. But how about using it a scrapbooking storage? Tools in the cutlery box and sticker sheets,unfinished projects etc. in the dish slots.

experiment for littles...

Color Science- Fill an ice cube tray with water. Add blue, yellow, red food coloring to 3 of the cubes. With a dropper, let your child mix and match and have fun creating new colors.