There's a special type of strength that can only be found by being alone: when are left with simply ourselves, we begin to discover who we truly are.

I had to be strong without you, because you were my strength and you left me. I was strong right after you left, but I grew weaker and weaker without you. You kept hurting me and tearing me down after you left.

Why I cry when I've opened up to some people. I'm outgoing, but I have my walls up at the same time.

glitter-in-wonderland: I love this (Riches for Rags)

The Ultimate Checklist To Help You Invest In Yourself

Maya Angelou Quote: Inspirational Quotes to inspire you to Invest in Yourself. A checklist in partnership


This is true about ALL love not just romantic. If you smother those you love they arent free to really love you.