#JW Int'l Convention Gift Ideas

Things to make for gift-giving Agape'
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Pioneer power bar

USA LETTER SIZE Scentofthehighlands: Post it note bible covers to fit: 1.5" x 2" (& spine 4/5") post it notes. Print out onto copy paper and using a GLUE STICK (so ink does not bleed) glue onto thin card making the pretty side be inside the 'Bible' using strong DSSTape (sometimes called Red-Liner tape) stick down the back and sine onto the post it note block, leaving the top free like a book. Do not put 'MY' when you repin, as it took Scentofthehighlands a lot of hard work. Enjoy!

With JW.ORG lapel card

Scent of the Highlands: Post-it-Note USA V2 slightly larger. Or cut showing a sliver of white and edge with a Silver or Black Permanent Marker. Version 4 now available does 9 see my blog.

Convention Survival Kit - FREE PDF

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How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms: When you inspect your hotel room, pull back the sheets and look for bed bug skins, carcasses, or fecal spots on the mattress.

DIY Tie and Shirt Greeting Card | iCreativeIdeas.com Like Us on Facebook == https://www.facebook.com/icreativeideas

Vintage Style Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark! Make Chain Tassel Bookmarks for less than 25 cents each!

LOVE this!


Bookmarks | Become Jehovah’s Friend Activity from jw.org

With JW.ORG lapel card

How to Make a Mini Pocket Folder Organizer with a Manilla File Folder...wonder if this would work for as a tract holder

Post-it Note Mini Bibles!

2014 International Convention

Owl bookmark

Post-it Keychain

How to Make Book Earrings - DIY #earrings #diy #books #crafty #jewelry #design #costume #project #fun

A Magnet that I made for the Int'l Conv #2014 #jw

Scripture cards! A lovely gift idea. I know I want some.

"Looking thru my gifts from Germany convention and I came across this. " Super simple idea!

Mini notebook w photo for gifts to delegates

Post it notes hard cover tutorial. Perfect for the goodie bag. Just need paper design, ribbon, small pen