macaroni snow flakes-

macaroni snow flakes - brilliant kid craft idea or Christmas ornaments/gift decorations (if I can keep Brendan from eating the dry pasta as we make them)

snowman pancakes

5 Pick-Me-Ups for Dreary Winter Days

Snowman pancakes with bacon scarf and marshmellow snowballs - fun snow day breakfast

Indoor Snowman with recipe -- this would be a great sensory activity!

Making Snowmen... Inside

SENSORY TABLE: INDOOR SNOWMAN: 2 boxes of cornstarch a can of foaming shaving cream a box or plastic container a sheet or tarp or even newspaper any random materials you have around your house

Can't go out because of the storm, make a snow man on the fridge

OMG, this is so cute! Wish I had a white fridge to do this on.ok, no I don't want a white fridge but this is so cute!

Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes DIY #christmas #cupcakes

{DIY} Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

mashmallow snowman cupcake diy 1 2 I'm not a cupcake person - would much rather have a lemon poppy seed muffin, but thought I would share these as they look so cute.

Easy to make Indoor Snowball Toss Game from We Made That

Indoor Snowball Toss Game - A great way to keep the kids entertained when they can't go outside! Maybe a good game for Kennedy's school Christmas party?

Heres an easier paper snowflake for the littles

With only a few pieces of paper, decorate your home with these twirly paper snowflakes from Simply Modern Mom. The unique spin gives the snowflakes a feel that looks great when hung from the ceiling. Create many for a paper snowstorm!

Blizzard outside? Make these Never Melt Snowballs - super cute idea for indoor snowball fights!

Never Melt Snowballs - super cute idea for indoor snowball fights! Better yet, it shows you how to make a Pom Pom using your hand to wrap the yarn around ! Mostly I'm pinning this for the INDOOR SNOWBALL FIGHT idea!

Marshmallow snowman craft for toddlers

Marshmallow Snowman Craft

Marshmallow Snowman Craft - fine motor craft for the kids to do! But Reid will likely just eat the marshmallows!

Make your own snowflakes inside!  Snowflake - Paper Relief

How to cut out pretty snowflakes. Really could have used this earlier in the month when making snowflakes with my boys.

This is my favorite pop corn recipie, and if you want that kettle corn taste, add a little sugar to the mix... by girlsgonechild, via Flickr

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