The 19 Stages Of Your Phone's Battery Life

The 19 Stages Of Your Phone’s Battery Life this just made me laugh out loud! charga is spelled wrong. It should be charger

Pure Cat Logic…

Pure Cat Logic…

Funny pictures about Pure Cat Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Pure Cat Logic. Also, Pure Cat Logic.

How to pet a kitty - Meme Center

so true! :) How to pet a kitty by Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal, Funny and insightful comic for cat lovers. to bad i hate cats

Coolest Liquor Cabinet Group Costume... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Coolest Liquor Cabinet Group Costume

why does that poor girl who is dress as stupid boxed wine have to be the only one not dressed in a sexy dress? Why couldnt she be a regular bottle of wine? get it together Liquor Cabinet Group Costume.

cat on a timed feeder

Timed feeder for cat = sleeping in food bowl waiting for food to be dispensed.

I'm sorry.  I just couldn't pass it up.    HAHAHHAHAHA

I'm such a Hunger Games fan so naturally this made me laugh out loud! I love bad pick-up lines.


Stalker cat…

This is my cats and my kids! I need a kid hand under the door, a second cat pushing its head in and another kid telling me ever lil detail from the outside. That would be my bathroom experiences, till they all get in, then I'm just royally *f*!

Yep.  Done it.

Funny pictures about Typical college night. Oh, and cool pics about Typical college night. Also, Typical college night photos.

My cats do this ALL the time

What is it with cats and books? <-- they can't read, but they still love books. Before I could read, my mother says I sat around chewing on books.

Leisure Interruption

Leisure Interruption