Where was this during anatomy?!

Bone Anatomy

Aaron Kuehn’s Skeleton and Muscle Typograms - Free PDFs for Wall Art. A free and last minute present for someone studying anatomy or friends who love design and typography. Find the Skeleton Typogram here. You can print your own free PDF.

MILF- haha I laugh every time

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Branches of the trigeminal nerve

Looking for online definition of trigeminal nerves in the Medical Dictionary? What is trigeminal nerves? Meaning of trigeminal nerves medical term. What does trigeminal nerves mean?

Behind the scenes - milk teeth

Child's skull with baby teeth and adult teeth, Hunterian Museum, London. Until I saw this, I never thought of what was going on in a skull of a child about to get their adult teeth.

A four-day-old sore and advanced tooth decay in the mouth of a 27-year-old woman suffering from bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia Nervosa Deep ulcer of the palate with severe tooth erosion seen in a patient with bulimia nervosa. The damage is caused by the highly acidic gastric juice. The patient reported binge eating and self-induced vomiting several times daily.

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is more common in men.  According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), “Infection in the mouth of the human papilloma virus (HPV) known to cause cervical cancer in women is higher in men than in women. This oral infection, which is transmitted sexually in men increases the risk of developing cancer of the mouth and throat."  http://m24digital.com/en/2012/01/28/the-human-papilloma-virus-hpv-is-more-common-in-men/

Human Papiloma Virus HPV more prevalent in men than women. Causes many cancers.

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