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Master of the arts: Many professors of anatomy say they still use da Vinci's drawings to teach medical students as the accuracy of his work has rarely been surpassed

Hundreds of years ahead of his time: Leonardo da Vinci's extraordinarily detailed anatomical drawings show he was more than a match for today's medical technology

Anatomy of a typeface, by Bjorn Johansson-   how cool- I want my sign of my chiro practice to be like this.

letterforms have bones. Anatomy of a typeface, by Bjorn Johansson

Human Spine Disorders anatomy poster shows location of atlas and axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx. Skeletal system chart for doctors and nurses.

Anatomical Chart Company The Human Spine - Disorders Anatomical Chart

Kale = food for wellness! -Old Bridge Spine

Kale = food for wellness! Kale is my numero uno favorite veggie. Leafy greens are amazing for you and I believe that kale is the best!

Sciatica pain is pain in the leg that follows the course of the sciatic nerve in the back and down the leg.

How To Treat Nerve Pain With Food If you suffer from chronic pain, find out how to get nerve pain relief with food. Let your food be your medicine and heal yourself naturally.