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7th Grade Math for the Classroom

Four lesson plans that cover identifying independent and dependent variables, writing an algebraic equation representing the relationship between two variables, plotting the independent and dependent variable, and analyzing independent and dependent variables through tables, graphs, and equations. Contains links to instructional websites and videos, manipulatives and/or games, as well as free homework. Ready to teach from at a moment's notice! 6.EE.9

Writing Algebraic Expressions Scoot from Tales of a Traveling Teacher on - - An activity to practice writing algebraic expressions.

Ladders into Linear Equations from SisterBBB on - - Mini Lessons and Activities for Linear Equations

In Depth with Writing and Solving Equations from SisterBBB on -

Minions Exponent Rules Search and Shade

Surface area ideas. These are some great ideas I could use to teach surface area. I would use these as a fun activity for students to practice surface area.

Perfect Squares and Square Roots

Teaching Math by Hart: Math is Real Life - February 2014 Edition

Life in Middle School - cute ideas to help convey 7th grade math concepts

Math teachers have enough problems!

Eclectic Educating: Decimals, Fractions, Percents, Oh My!

Comparing integers

FREE Unit Rates Starbucks Warm-Up: Students must use unit rates in order to determine whether the largest size coffee at Starbucks really is the better deal....

Math = Love! Love her ideas! I wish I could have had her for high school math!!

Introducing variables with pictures. Great way to make algebraic thinking more concrete.