Captain Marvel, Mar-vell logo by Goldenwit305

scottfogg: Written on my heart, my little Carol Corps Amelia Earhart.

Beautiful #carolcorps tattoo that a fan shared with me. #sdcc

Oh Captain my Captain. New tattoo by Kyle at Hopeless Ink.

Good start on Captain MarvelNicholas Hart @ Deep Roots Tattoo in Seattle, WA

Captain Marvel comic tattoo. Roger's tattoos 2014 - Star City Tattoos

Captain Marvel tattoo

Ta da! It is the first of many. Captain Marvel is a huge inspiration to me and I am glad to carry her symbol around with me. I’ll probably get a Ms. Marvel symbol (the lightning bolt) on my other wrist in the same spot to match.

New tattoo! I’m so proud to have a Captain Marvel tattoo! When I picked up my first issue of Captain Marvel, I gained much more than a new favorite comic book. Carol is my hero. Her strength and courage, as well as her sense of justice and her kindness are an inspiration. I try to live up to that, and be the star I was meant to be :) (PS: major shoutout to my tattoo artist Charissa Gregson and Ink Fusion. The work she put in on this tattoo is amazing! Every time I look at it I see a new ...

Five hours later, here’s the ultra-rad end of phase one of my Captain Marvel tattoo by @nicenfroosh. Delirium is going on the other leg tomorrow because I’m a masochist like that. #captainmarvel

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Does anyone know how many carolcorps tattoos there are out there?  From what I can gather I was one of the early ones, and I know kellysue has some on her pinboard…  Feel free to spread this and attach pics of yours.

The third and possibly final installation of my comic book superheroine tattoos. Captain Marvel, inspired by a comic book that legit made me tear up. I have often used my tattoos as therapy to get me through rough patches in life, and I began cathartically crying after she finished. I’m so happy with this tattoo and I know I can get through all the crap that’s been going on now.

Twitter / KeepUpWithRDizz: @Kelly Jones I had to do it. Thanks ...

Step one: basic line work.

New tattoo from Tumblr user captainwhizbang

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