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It will be ridiculously easy to teach pioneer songs this year with these cute visual aides for To Be A Pioneer #primary #music #pioneer #LDS

Teaching Primary Music: To Be A Pioneer

SINGING TIME IDEA: I've been Primary chorister for more than three years now and I LOVE IT! I've started putting together a blog with all of my favorite singing time activities and thought I'd share it here. Not trying to toot my own horn, but trying to save some poor soul from the desperation I felt as a completely uninitiated chorister! They're almost all games since I've found that games work best for our Primary. Feel free to share!

Singing Time Secrets...: Temples Around the World

Holy Ghost Talk (good for baptisms)

The Blackham Bunch

(another pinner says:)Primary Singing Time - a blog written by a primary children's chorister. She is really organized, has lots of fun activity ideas, and good advice for teaching children new songs while still reviewing old ones. I am impressed!

Primary Singing Time

Memorizing new songs.


I hope they call me on a mission bank- glass block- how to! how cool is that!

Ginger Snap Crafts: tutorial {mission bank} + glass block review

Primary Talks with coordinating Pictures

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Free LDS Primary Talks. I don't want to lose this link!

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Mormon Sharefrom Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } Primary Talks

talk help, for those Sunday mornings when I honestly forget!

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Primary Song Prints

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Pictures and words for all the Primary songs! This is AMAZING!

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Whipperberry: LDS Primary Singing Time // Wiggle Worm Jar

LDS Primary Singing Time // Wiggle Worm Jar - Whipperberry

SINGING TIME IDEA: Primary Singing Time: The Primary Feud

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SINGING TIME IDEA: super simple pointer with pom poms... how have i never thought of this!?

Adventures in Teaching: Cute things for the classroom!

From the primary chorister group on Facebook: build a temple all year. Learn a song, add a piece to the temple throughout the year. So cool!

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SINGING TIME IDEA: Armor of God... love the idea of having kids dress up in the armor!

Hands On Bible Teacher: new testament

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Armor of God

Students can color these and put them over a photo of themselves......Armor of God Coloring Sheets | full_armor_of_God.jpg

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Using the tops from a package of wipes to cover answers. You could make so many games and activities with this

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: 2011 New Classroom Ideas

Pin the Badge on the Missionary! So Fun! #missionary #primary

I Want to Be a Missionary Now

Lesson Plans of an OCD Primary Chorister

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LDS Primary Chorister Ideas

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For us primary choristers this would be a great valentines activity!

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LDS Nursery Activity Ideas at

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This is the most AMAZING site. It has any illustration, handout, cutout, etc mentioned in the Primary manuals and more. Fun!

LDS Meetinghouse Library Cutouts

Tips for helping my primary class be reverent (great tips to follow)

My Uni-Verse: I Can Be Reverent