More Nerf Party Ideas or a few game ideas: Load your gun race Target practices Bullet hunt Race to shoot something Capture the flag game Bowling type game where light weight objects are lined up and they try and knock them over. Some tips: I would check with all the moms and make sure it's okay for the kids to play with the nerf guns. Some people have very strong feelings about guns. Mark all arrows with the kids intials before the party. Have the kids bring google...

Val the Crafty Gal: Nerf Gun Party

I used the hanging balloon idea not only as decoration, but also as an obstacle for a Nerf gun war at my son's birthday party. I loved how it turned out!

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Not really for the girls, but more for my husband... he has a "slight" nerf gun obsession and these would be perfect!

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some neat ideas for invites (include the spy glasses in invites) and decor/games. I think the silhoutes might be fun for some nerf gun practice (sticky bullets maybe?) Now to find some cheap nerf guns for favors

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cute idea for a boys nerf guns, picture from Jennifer Meyer!

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One idea for nerf gun storage - still looking for more

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for trevon @Heidi Migues party favors, nerf footballs from the dollar store :)

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Kris & I decided on possibly having a Nerf party for his birthday this year! :)

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Staked balloons in the yard to shoot with Nerf guns!

Robbie's Comic Superhero Party!

Okay, I'm ready to babysit now... #Nerf, #Dachshund

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Nerf War Birthday Party Capture the Flag Game

counting our blessings: Anyone Up For A Nerf War??

Nerf War Birthday Party Invitation Idea

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Great way to organize nerf guns.

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nerf vest out of jeans

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nerf dart holder belts

Just Deanna: Make a nerf dart holder belt

Wedding Photography - Nerf Guns

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Nerf party

Just Deanna: Aim and Shoot Nerf Party

cool nerf party

Val the Crafty Gal: Nerf Gun Party

nerf storage

Blackmetal gardening, lit up courtyards, Star Wars cookies

Nerf Gun cake

Claudine: Nerf Gun Cake

Nerf Gun Party

Jac o' lyn Murphy: children's party invitations

Nerf Wars Date

Nerf Wars

nerf cake

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Nerf Birthday Party

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