The strange cloud formations can be found all over the world. And while they are a bit weird and sometimes scary and foreboding, these clouds remain beautiful. Nature’s sky is painted beautifully by these brush strokes of water vapor…and magic.

Bath mat that turns red when wet. CREEPY

Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet.

Chicks man. Can't hold their smoke. That's what it is.

Love this movie "The trouble with chics, is they can't hold their smoke, that's what it is" breakfast-club-sweater


"You're more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needles and your face is like sunshine" bridesmaids


Randomly selected waste of time

how you doin'?I totally did read it in my mind in the exact voice of Joey! Oh how I LOVE Friends!

star trek FTW

Spock t-shirt sale!Star trek leonard nimoy celebrate startrek vulcan shirt celebrate the human/vulcan hybrid with this respected representative of the united federation of planets.

Rock and roll.

oldschool heroes: pop icons with retro hipster flavor. artist: Fab Ciraolo empire of the sun

Singin' in the Rain.

An Incredible Movie Moment: Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor singing & dancing the 'Moses Supposes" routine - My favorite! - in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, 1952