So much better than hopscotch - a great summer activity to get kids outside!

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Have you ever wondered if it's mean to put a baby on her belly when she can't even hold her head up?

Reader Q+A: Is Tummy Time Mean or Cruel If My Baby Can't Hold Her Head Up Yet?

Is it time to ditch the diapers? 10 Signs Your Child is Ready for Potty Training | The Jenny Evolution

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Is tummy time for babies really that important? Come read this therapy bloggers thoughts.

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Water Bottle Toy Ideas For Baby and Toddler Play - Pink Oatmeal

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Tips For Tummy Time From A Physical Therapist - Pink Oatmeal

Tips For Tummy Time - From A Physical Therapist | Pink Oatmeal

Moonsand = 8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil.... I make this for the kids all the time and they love it!

Pin Test: DIY Moon Sand - delia creates

Pasta Threading - a fine motor activity for toddlers

Pasta threading activity for toddlers - Laughing Kids Learn

Edible Finger Paint Recipe - Toddlers and Preschoolers will love exploring, creating, and playing with this simple paint recipe that is completely taste safe!

Sensory FUN with edible finger Paint

14 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home • Lots of great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from 'ellis belus', these clever DIY PVC bath toys!

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Five Natural Teething Remedies

Backwoods Mama: Five Natural Teething Remedies

What your teething baby wishes you knew.....pretty stinkin awesome list. very thorough.

What Your Teething Baby Wishes You Knew ~ Incredible Infant

Teething biscuit recipe

Teething Biscuit Recipes

Homemade Teething Biscuits (4 ingredients)

Homemade Teething Biscuits

I ran across this fabulous homemade teething biscuit recipe on Pinterest (where else?) and decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad I did! It's very easy to make and Little Baby loved it! Best...

Most Awesome Homemade Teething Biscuits Ever!

Baby massage techniques for teething and colds

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Un-meltable popsicles: use Jell-o! Great for teething.

The Paisley Cupcake: {{almost}} un-meltable popsicles

Chad's kitchen counter toy to distract while cooking. Made of PVC piping and table tennis balls.

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duplo pattern. Children use a pattern template on paper and create the same pattern using Lego or unifix cubes.

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Wooden baby gym - diy. This looks a million times better than all those chunky plastic ones out there. Plus no annoying music.

Empty Handed: Wooden Baby Gym

Spider's Web discovery basket. A Super Fun sensory activity which also builds dexterity and problem solving skills.

Spider's Web discovery basket

Tips For Tummy Time – From A Physical Therapist Making tummy time a little easier!

Tips For Tummy Time - From A Physical Therapist - Pink Oatmeal

Guide To Massaging New Born Babies - Newborns simply love to be touched and cuddled. The skin to skin touch helps you and your baby bond, comforts your baby when she is upset or uneasy with gas or colic problems. Hence, touch is a critical part of growth and development. The massage strokes used on adults are completely different from the strokes to be used on newborns.

Guide To Massaging New Born Babies - HelpingMama

How to play with your newborn baby. Tips from a pediatric occupational therapist and mom of two.

How to Play with Your Newborn Baby (0-3 Months) - Mama OT

Bear Hugs - Baby Boy Nursery, Printable Art, Prints, Kids Wall Art Baby Boys Room, Baby Nursery Decor Playroom Rules Quote Art

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