The Shine Project: Hair DIY: Drape French Braid. She has a really good video. Never would have thought of French braiding like crafts ideas rich handmade your fingers liquid soap longboard fashion tattoo handmade fishing lures

Our low rolled updo is perfect for the office, first dates & hanging out! Find out how to get a beautiful low rolled updo in this easy hair tutorial.

Jennifer Aniston-thinking of hittin the blonde for spring! luckily I have wash out color to be dark, and my hairdresser said my hair changed and is growing in dark blonde!

smoky eye

make-up-tutorial: SMOKY EYE Products: Mascara: Define-a-Lash Mascara Eyeliner: Clinique Kohl Eyeliner Eyeshadow: Stila Ebony Shadow Highlighter: Benefit Mr.

Hairstyles for medium hair; consider these trendy cute hairstyles for medium hair this season to look 5 years younger. The best hairstyles for medium hair

Nude lip + smokey eye + beachy hair pretty wedding make up.a little less dark in the eyes

I love this color of blonde.but I have always had brunette as a bass color sure in the summer I have gotten blonde highlights.To do this would be a big change.

Shoes I love: Top Siders and Bean Boots, neither have my size, but even though one is too narrow and the other is a 2 pairs of sock fit I still buy and wear

I have naturally blonde hair and it started turning green a few months ago. (No idea how or why.) So, after failing twice to dyed it blonde again, I dyed it red. I love the color, but I want my blonde again. And I think this is the color I want.

that bag

In life, multi-point red, is not it will be more passionate?