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You know the pockets they don't give to girls they probably give to guys and thats why girls have no pocked and guys have massive pockets

Fat Cat

I'm not sure about the fat cat, but this is funny :) Trail mix is M&Ms with obstacles

Haha it's true!!

Every house has one…

Worst blanket ever! No idea where they came from, but I think everyone owns this blanket

Gotta put the baby somewhere

It’s a matter of priorities…

Parenting Fail: Just Put The Baby On The Floor Mom - Gotta get our Slurpee

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Wednesday: The Later Years. - Imgur

Wednesday: The Later Years.

lmao this is funny

Funny pictures about Permanent Marker. Oh, and cool pics about Permanent Marker. Also, Permanent Marker photos.

I'd say a few more years.

Funny thing is my 2007 Caliber still had roll-down windows. My nieces thought it was the coolest thing. My new Caliber has button windows.

Best family picture ideas of all time. Ever.

Lilly and Leon had accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes after moving. Instead of trashing the boxes, they decided to use them for Cardboard Box Office, where they recreate famous movies scenes. This is awesome.

Best Celebrity Encounters I also think its cool how the last one is at a flying squirrels game

Best Celebrity Encounters

Funny pictures about The best celebrity encounters. Oh, and cool pics about The best celebrity encounters. Also, The best celebrity encounters.

What did I just read?

These 10 Breakup-Themed Comics Are Way Better Than Therapy

cyanide and happiness HAHA This is so sad but so funny at the same time