Im pretty sure I would faint if this was offered to me. after-all-diamonds-are-a-girls-best-friend

The most beautiful wedding band I think I've seen

Between platinum and diamond sparkle, this is perfection. wonder what it would be like with a large diamond fixture. Vintage French Retro Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum from vsterling on Ruby Lane

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42 Most Popular And Trendy Engagement Rings For Women

Idée et inspiration Bague De Fiançailles : Image Description 27 Most Popular Engagement Rings For Women ❤ You have to decide what combination of carats, cuts and colours makes up the perfect choice for your diamond ring.


Weddbook ♥ A ring is very important for the engagement events. Ring must be beautiful and very shiney. A white gold ring with embedded diamond, shines quite well and looks very wonderful. Try this engagement ring, makes your engagement special.

A simple gold and silver stack for today's casual outfit!

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. A simple gold and silver stack for today's casual outfit!

Eternity Ring I want sparkle. I can have a small engagement ring if I can have a band like this!

Holy hell is this gorgeous!

【Jewelry in My Box】Vintage Tacori Ring, this would look awesome with a matching eternity band. I am so in love with this ring

Bullet Ring - Winchester 38 SPL Ring - Size 8

Winchester Colt 45 Bullet Ring - Gold Rush One Winchester Colt 45 bullet casing on an adjustable vintage bronze colored ring base. Matching Gold Rush Earrings are also available