I hope I never go to jail because I haven't memorized a phone number since Pretty much sums it up well.

Sorry Luke.

When you're driving and realize you're lost, so you turn down the music like 'Shhh, Luke Bryan. I can't shake it for you right now, I'm lost'. Not the lost part but the I can't shake it right now lol

Absolutely hysterical!

:) That little girl is pissed haha - her big sisters face is so funny- lord help me but I can see Olivia doing this.((Ohh haha that ain't my little sister she was a stranger .The dark haired girl is Bonnie Renee Scott.

We all know those people.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Just curious. What part of that outfit made you look in the mirror and say, 'YES. This is how I choose to represent myself today.

Harry potter and Mean Girls...

Who is Voldemort?

LOL EPIC I died laughing. Mean Girls quotes are the best! click this image for lots more pics & hilarious PH MY GOODNESS. Mean girls and Harry Potter mix!

Hahahaha!!!  OMG I love this!

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing The mom who came up with the "get along shirt." via These parents who know how to travel with kids. via Any parent that uses the same tactics on their kids and their cats.

I am laughing so hard....

That’s not fair…

Funny pictures about That's not fair. Oh, and cool pics about That's not fair. Also, That's not fair.


We were literally talking about if we would survive in the hunger games in reading and I'm just like no with my luck I would trip off the platform and get blown up! It would happen!


Funny Seasonal Ecard: You seem pretty scared of catching the flu for someone who's not remotely scared of catching STDs.