Milton Glaser. Gives you a pure a imagination of how the coca-cola drink fills you up with happiness. The flowing swirls that comes out of the bottle bring out the rainbow cheerfulness.

“Coke Side of Life” Poster Illustrator Milton Glaser-inspired poster for Coca-Cola's 2007 "Coke Side of Life" Campaign.

Milton Glaser. Has  the groovy cartoon style and the colors are just basic dull. The main attraction is the illustration inside and shape border drawing of a women's head.

MILTON GLASER - Seventeen "Normal Skin" His skin conditions editorial for Seventeen.Glaser co-founded PUSH PIN Studios in 1954 w/ Seymour Chwast, Edward Sorel & Reynolds Ruffins.

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Dylan Poster

Sign of the Times: Bob Dylan Milton Glaser's Dylan poster was inspired by Marcel Duchamp's 1957 self-portrait. "The history of visual things in the world," says Glaser, "is my playpen.

Milton Glazer's I Heart NY   typography,graphic design,Milton Glazer

Milton Glaser - A very popular well known logo that has been adapted for different uses. The vibrant effect of the red heart next the the black font makes the logo highly visible and clear.

Mad Men - a series I wish would never ever end

Milton Glaser - ‘Mad Men’ Enlists Milton Glaser to design the poster for the final series sete in the

William Shakespeare - The Tempest  Artwork by Milton Glaser, c. 1960s  via Mallory McInnis

Shakespeare's The Tempest, cover by Milton Glaser, a Signet Classic paperback from the Wonderful, magical play.

Milton Glaser - Aretha Franklin

Milton Glaser - Aretha Franklin I really enjoy the curves that represent the poofy hair of Aretha Franklin. This poster has an energy to it that is well conveyed from the colors of it.