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Nothing says, “My Tan is as fake as Madonna’s British accent.” Like tanner stained hands. So the logical thing, I suppose, would be to wear gloves… but what if I don’t…

Turkey spinach lasagna

Quick Turkey-Spinach Lasagna I'm switching out Noodles for Zucchini! This healthy version of your favorite comfort food is big on flavor, not fat. The turkey keeps it lean while adding more than 27 grams of protein per serving to your diet.

8 moves for flat stomach and tight butt and noooo love handles.

8 moves for flat stomach and tight butt and no love handles. Got the flat stomach just need the tight butt and no love handles lol

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes Recipe - ~clb so yummy! Next time I will cut the tomatoes into three layers, and maybe cut down the cool time to twelve minutes. I will definitely make this again. A quick and yummy snack, or side dish.