Because some days you just want to see Leonardo DiCaprio holding a puppy.

165 Things I Learned From 250 BuzzFeed Posts

Famous men with their dogs. These hot celebs prove that dogs really are man's best friend.

literally obsessed with them.

Love my Best Friend! Lauren and Lo, best friends since Laguna Beach! studies show that one of the best things women can do for their health is to nurture their relationships with their girlfriends

Baby Leo.

We’ve all had our awkward stages that we’d rather pretend never happened (shout out to those middle school dance pics), and famous people are no different. Check out our favorite celeb transformations that made us thankful for puberty!

JT & Beyonce

Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. I would cut my face off to see them together in concert. ****** pinning because I love JT and for that comment ^

Probably the most reposted gif on this sub, but in case you forgot how beautiful this man is, here's a reminder (Marlon Brando). - Imgur

Marlon Brando, in did a studio interview (shown in this GIF) and an early screen test for the movie Rebel Without a Cause. The 1955 movie starred James Dean in the role of Jim Stark that Marlon Brando screen tested for.

Zac Efron in a saints shirt....what could be better?

Zac Efron in a saints shirt.what could be better?<<< zac efron without a shirt