A true master of disguise.

A true master of disguise.

A true master of disguise.(Original description) That disguise is the funniest and most effective thing I have ever seen

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My best friend is not pretty... she is GORGEOUS. Inside and out no matter what you say to me. Psst... Angela, Anna; I MEAN YOU TWO!

My bestfriend is not pretty, SHE IS GORGEOUS inside and out, and I don't like her I LOVE HER she is the best friend someone could have

I'll do it if u do it

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It's like Kiara and Laurie Kiara tall Laurie short Kiara BFF crazy Laurie is crazy

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i just make funny faces or do something 2 try 2 make them laugh or distract them :P i'm such a nice friend

The Ultimate Disney BFF Playlist

The Ultimate Disney BFF Playlist

Disney songs are known for their catchy beats, impressive lyrics, and Broadway-style choruses. They&amp re fun to sing alone, but they&amp re even better when sung with your best friends.


I love this saying so much bc it's so true for me and my bestfriend Liz. We can be cleaning the kitchen, or washing dogs, or cleaning out poop pens, eating (that's a big one), or just sitting and talking and I always have the best time bc I'm with her


My best friend

No matter how big the problem or how stupid things you can do I will always be there

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Best Friends

There are So Many Incredible Friends I've Met Here❤️❤️ I am truly Blessed to know YOUThank You❤️❤️

Best friends :)

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Best friends..

A Best friend accepts you, as is

I like people who make you forget about your phone

These are called Faith fam 😂


I'm sorry for constantly interrupting your daily activities to tell you about the overrated drama going on in my life that you probably have no interest in, yet pull through and listen throughout. That's a true friend.

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Thank God for Seth my guy best friend