Paper Apps by Uniform: Will paper electronics save the music industry? What role will graphic design have init?

Create innovative interactive paper apps by mixing graphic design and printed electronics - Features - Digital Arts

Great way to promote commerce...

for MURAT PARIS: An interactive press advertisement for fashionista geekettes.

Print Interaction: You don’t need batteries to be interactive in print. This amazing copy of Flaunt Magazine (USA) is stuffed with paper technology ad techniques. It’s a real magazine, which went on real sale to real people. []

Magazine™" Husni takes a look at FLAUNT's Collector's Issue

Love this use of Mobile & print - for other Interactive ideas contact the CLX Sales team

The Film titled Axa Insurance: iPhone print ad was done by Duval Guillaume Modem Antwerp advertising agency for Axa Insurance in Belgium.

Demo Video Mastering Comp 1080SOUND Brightcove Youtube    WOW!!! Saw it here....

Is This The Most Interactive Print Ad Yet? --- Using Lexus created technology called Cine-Print, the ad comes to life only when you take an iPad and put it behind the printed ad in the October 15 issue of Sports Illustrated.