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Helpful items

Helpful items

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Owl Accounted For Measuring Cup Set. Are you known for hatching brilliant ideas in the kitchen? #multi #modcloth

Multicolor Silicone Rolling Pin Rings ~ Roll dough to the precise thickness with this set of rolling pin guides!

"The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock ($20) makes us so very happy! We've got nothing against the breakroom microwave, per se, but warming our food slowly and safely on our desks yields much more flavorful lunches. Our pasta leftovers don't congeal and separate, soups warm thoroughly, and we don't have to wait in line to nuke."

Tops to make Mason Jars into useful kitchen gadgets

Ostrich Pillow......haha what the heck!!!

HDMI Pocket Projector

Need this: Avoid clogged shower drains...chops hair like a garbage disposal for the shower -$14.98

Corn Kerneler neatttt

Scrap Trap Bin & Scraper - attaches to any drawer, use it while you are cooking to slide any peelings, shells, etc. in.

This is a cool idea ,,,,bottle cap pencil sharpener - the empty bottle collects the shavings # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Speakers that can go throughout the house. - this is awesome... Great Christmas gift for him

My nightstand wants these! Only $2.50 for a pack of 6! Stocking stuffer anyone?!

C’rush, Silicone Ice Mold, | Solutions

Continuance batteries rechargeable via USB

Fractal Utensils by LhogoNurb: Concept design. The set includes four pieces: Cantor fork :: now you can pin a single kiwi seed. Twice in a row. Recursive spoon :: it will never let you spill a drop of soup. Ever. Koch knife :: to delicately cut hair-thin slices out of an egg. #Flatware #Fractal_Utensils #LhogoNurb

need all of these! Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools (20) 6

THE ORB. This mobile headset doubles as a ring and can be used 30 feet away from your phone. It vibrates if you get a call, but also has a voice-to-text device so you can read messages on your ring.

Eat lunch at your desk? If so, there are probably crumbs in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Take a moment to clean up a bit with this unique USB-powered vacuum cleaner. It’s shaped like a duck! This duck sucks away all those "uh-oh" moments when you thought that egg-and-cheese bagel you had for breakfast would be lost inside your keyboard forever. Great idea (has to work better than compressed air.)

Pretty neat! I want one! NEW HDMI Pocket Projector For movies, videos, presentations, and games. Go big with our pocket-sized HDMI projector. Projects up to 1080p HD images up to 60" diagonal Rechargeable and portable Connects via HDMI to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras and more* Mega-bright LED lamp projects up to 85 lumens for up to 2 hours on a single charge Dual built-in speakers and focus control Rechargeable 3800mAh battery doubles as a USB...

Branch Earphone Splitter. because i HATE shairing earphones. germy!

The coolest whisk!

Seven-minute popsicles. Oh yes.