Looks a TON like I imagined the verminocitors' scalelash from Aeronaut's Windlass!!!Sword 6 by Bartoleum.

Final whip sword concept -"Scott pilgrim vs the World" pencil and photoshop Sword 6

Frost Claw by BryanSyme.:  Looks like the sword a wight Stark family member would use.

Frost Claw by BryanSyme. I think Nightclaw or Ebonfang would fit better (F-ing Awesome.


nice armor, I would use it for an Steamunk costume, but with dark brown vegan leather

Paracord Survival Kit BELT. Perfect for the 9-5 office worker prepper who can not wear a bracelet.:

Paracord Survival Kit BELT - CONTENTS : 550 Paracord (depending on size) 2 Split Shot Sinkers 2 Fishing Hooks 2 Safety Pins Braided Fishing Line Straw Tube Jute Twine 2 Lengths of 7 Strand Stainless Wire Firesteel High Carbon Steel Striker/Saw

Adventure Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Ultimate 550 Parachute Cord Bracelet! A Wearable Survival Kit with 16 different survival tools and backed by Wazoo Lifetime Warranty.