So cute! <<< adorable!

this it makes me so happy!--Did the sad kid remind anyone of Nico? << He looked like Percy and acted like nico what does this mean agh! But it's absolutely perfect

The English Challenge - LOVED it!

The English Challenge

English is such a weird language.some say english is the hardest language to learn how to speak.I have learned 20 languages and yet I agree it is hard .but some are capable to read this .

Smart way to address anything before leaving your interview. - 1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks ((do you think this would actually be a good idea for people to ask when applying for a job where you work? Kind of sounds like an invitation for the employer to start worrying about your job.

but like seriously I would

I NEED THIS HARRY POTTER GAME TO EXIST! maybe if we pin it enough it will be real! *blushes again*<<I wouldn't even eat this game would kill me<<<you must be fun at parties<<<HAHAHAHA

omg this is so sad!!! Proof that appearences are not what they seem, now...if you excuse me *curls up in beds and starts to cry*

this is so sad Proof that appearances are not what they seem, now.if you excuse me *curls up in beds and starts to cry*

awwww, i love this house unity stuff <<<<< Yes! I am a Slytherin but I hate when people automatically assume I'm a dick and I would appreciate more unity like this from real people in the fandom


Tumblr Shenanigans part 6

this is the best thing

Fandoms summed up in one quote - Sherlock doctor who Harry potter Merlin avengers supernatural superwholock fandoms

best cross tattoos for women - Google Search

12 Angel Tattoo Designs You Must Love

Angel Devil Tattoos for Women I like it.except I hate hearts. But the angel/devil symbol is something I have considered for a tattoo before.

When they clarified it further. | 26 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

26 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”