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When he smiled like this: | Community Post: 29 Times Harry Styles Was Actually The Cutest

I got Harry Styles! What Celebrity Should You Kiss Under The Mistletoe Based On Your Zodiac? I've been taking these quizzes with just the most unamused face until FINALLY a quiz that makes me smile!

Harry Styles twerking (gif)

Harry Styles twerking (gif) Haha Ed and Perrie in the background😂😂😂 Zayn's like "Turn it up bro!" I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂

oh harold

And finally, Harry Styles standing up from a squat and thrusting and then putting a banana into his face very quickly.

I just died

Omg I love the first picture, well, and the second one. and the third. and the-- okay that's it I love you Harry! Black and White was MADE for Harry Styles!

Harry at the TopShop show

But what's sad is that Harry Styles is a really intelligent person with a lot of wonderful things to say, but he's only seen as a pretty face.

Harry ♥

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