Kendra Tutunjian

Kendra Tutunjian

Kendra Tutunjian
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Teaching involves a lot of standing and walking around, and without comfortable shoes (okay, even WITH comfortable shoes), that can be pretty hard on your body. I recently asked my followers on Facebook to share the most comfortable shoes they’ve found for teaching, and got a wide range of responses regarding sneakers/tennis shoes, ballet flats, …

The 30 most comfortable shoes for teachers per FB survey: some really cute and affordable teacher shoes here! Compiled by Angela Watson

Mobile Photobucket. This would be cute to give children in a pre-k class at the end of school!

An idea for a last-day-of-school treat for the class. You are "o'fishally" a kindergartener or any other grade. Just tailor it to your need, teachers!

These are survival kits for middle school, cute for 5th grade departures or for the first day of 6th grade. Meets Teaching Standard Element 1.4: Teachers acquire knowledge of individual students from students, families, guardians, and/or caregivers to enhance student learning.

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cereal box valentine box

Valentine Mail Box from a cereal box